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Aug 18 2020

Wacky-Walking: 14th leg from Heimbuchenthal to Stockstadt am Main

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I started in that beautiful Speasart-village of Heimbuchenthal and I had to climb up pretty fast to about 400 m of altitude. Then the walk took me step-by-step down until I left the Spessart and reached the Main Valley.

This part of the foresty middle mountains (“Mittelgebirge”) seemed much more populated than what I experienced the day before. Very often I met other hiking or mountain-biking people.

It was interesting to follow marker stones that identified old borders and some of them dated as far back as the 17th century. It feels good to be allowed to cross borders safely, easily and free of charge nowadays. At one point, I came to the Dreimärker, where three territories met.

Further down on the way, I came to a saddle point, where my route crossed on the top of the saddle and to the left and to the right, there were both old paths down the hill towards towns down there. In the middle of that spot, there was an old oak tree (in German “Eiche”) which is called Frühstückseiche (Breakfast Oak) because apparently in the past lots of hikers would have they are breakfast in its shadow.

Stepping out of the forest was a shift of worlds into a very flat open landscape with apple trees. I followed mostly on small paths into the city off Aschaffenburg and crossed the Main there.

Then I could walk on a beautiful alley for several kilometers to the Schönbusch Gardens – a beautifully designed English garden from the 17th or 18th century.

My highlights of the day were:

  • Frühstückseiche as a marker that has helped hikers across centuries orient themselves.
  • The sharp difference between the Spessart forest and the flat open land to the northwest of it.
  • The walk along Schönbusch Allee and through Schönbusch


  • 28.1 kilometers
  • 5:18 hours
  • 490 meters uphill and 480 meters downhill

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Aug 18 2020

Wacky-Walking: 13th leg from Wertheim to Heimbuchenthal

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In the morning, it was raining. One of the very few days, where I got some water from above. My first steps were through the city down to the river called Main, which is the border between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in this region.

Right after crossing the river, the tour climbed up first very steep then continuously into the Spessart.

The Spessart is one of the central European “Mittelgebirge” (medium sized mountains) and it is covered with what seems to be one enormous forest.

Sometimes I walked on beautifully designed gravel paths and sometimes it was right through the woods. Sometimes it fell steep to one side and rose high to the other, sometimes the landscape was softer.

At one point, I was back on well over 500 m in altitude, which is comparable to where I started in Munich. In between I have been as low as at 140 m.

Quite some time, I followed along streams or rivers (Kropfbach, Dammbach and others) and in the course of the day, I saw more deer than people.

I was amazed how far away I felt from towns, cities or traffic during those hours in the forest.

At the end of the day, I stop by the Schloss Mespelbrunn, a medieval castle that is very beautifully placed in the scenery. The Spessart has this reputation, that back in the old days people had to be afraid of bandits in the forest. It is perfectly imaginable how to block one of the paths for a carriage to be trapped and some places seemed designed like in fairy tales. So, I can fully understand how those stories could develop.

My highlights of the day were:

  • Feeling completely alone in the woods – only meeting two people in the stretch of five hours
  • The strong oppositions in scenery: sometimes very dark, sometimes lit and open; sometimes thick bushes under the trees with short visibility, sometimes open view under a roof of trees; sometimes bright green floors, sometimes brown dry areas
  • Learning that the main trees were oak trees up until about 4,000 years ago and now it would be beech trees.


  • 28.6 kilometers
  • 6:04 hours
  • 800 meters uphill and 710 meters downhill

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Aug 05 2020

Wacky-Walking: 1st leg from Munich to Hattenhofen

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The weather had cleared over night and in the morning it was sunny and around 15° when I started walking from my parents‘ house in Pasing.

It was interesting to walk the paths of my childhood packed with a big backpack and dressed like a wanderer. Mostly on concrete roads I came through Westkreuz and Aubing and walked along the train tracks towards Puchheim.

At one point, the whole path was still under water and when jumping too short at some paddles, I was positively surprised by the water-repellent characteristics of my hiking pants. 😎

Around Munich, the landscape is fairly flat and so I only had one little elevation to overcome before Fürstenfeldbruck. I left the town towards the Pucher Meer (Ocean of Puch) and it felt a little out of place to walk with my „luggage“ along this pond where people came to swim.

Finally, I reached Mammendorf, the terminal stop of the Munich suburban train system and went one town further west to Hattenhofen to stay at a very comfortable, very Upper-Bavaria-typical hotel.

My highlights of the day:

  • First talk with people you meet by chance: an older man near Westkreuz who wished me luck and joked that he would check if I‘d take a suburban train.
  • How well the pants protected against water
  • The wonderful feeling of arriving at your destination – and getting a Kaiserschmarrn there!


  • 32,2 kilometers
  • 6:41 hours
  • 160 meters uphill and 140 meters downhill

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Aug 04 2020

Wacky-Walking: Prologue

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My tour, of course, is a big project. So, I needed to get inspired by other big projects.

Since the Tour de France usually doesn’t start with a regular full day, I didn’t want to do that either.

So, the prologue went from my home to my parents’ house about 8km east.It was raining a lot that day and so I get to try the impermeability off my clothing and gear. All worked well and I arrived there safely.

The highlights of the stage were:

  • I only had to turn for the first time after 7.5 km
  • I enjoyed being faster than the cars in the traffic jam piling up at one construction site.
  • It felt funny walking a path that I know very well with full gear and the big backpack.

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Aug 04 2020

Wacky-Walking: by foot from Munich towards Frankfurt

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The backpack is ready and packed…

When I was talking about my summer vacation plans, I got two reactions: some people thought that this was mainstream nowadays and a fully trending activity, some people told me, that this seems like a crazy idea and who would ever think of an activity like that.

To me, getting both of those reactions to the same idea, seems like an indication of quality. 😉

Several friends of mine had talked greatly about their experiences on the Camino de Santiago and since Jan had done a replacement for his vacation by hiking through Bavaria, I started making a plan of following in their footsteps without following in their footsteps.

Since we have a family gathering close to Frankfurt at the end of August, I decided to walk there from Munich.

I will take you guys on my tour and blog here about the individual milestones and about general reflections I have while walking.

It is important to me to note, that:

  • It’s not about the kilometers, but about the experience. So, it doesn’t really matter if I make it all the way there by foot or if I have to take some other forms of transportation in between or in the end;
  • It is supposed to be vacation, so I still want to enjoy the days and not just work out;
  • I will try to limit my communication with others to a minimum and see what comes up when I talk to myself for several days in a row.

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