Wacky-Walking: by foot from Munich towards Frankfurt

The backpack is ready and packed…

When I was talking about my summer vacation plans, I got two reactions: some people thought that this was mainstream nowadays and a fully trending activity, some people told me, that this seems like a crazy idea and who would ever think of an activity like that.

To me, getting both of those reactions to the same idea, seems like an indication of quality. 😉

Several friends of mine had talked greatly about their experiences on the Camino de Santiago and since Jan had done a replacement for his vacation by hiking through Bavaria, I started making a plan of following in their footsteps without following in their footsteps.

Since we have a family gathering close to Frankfurt at the end of August, I decided to walk there from Munich.

I will take you guys on my tour and blog here about the individual milestones and about general reflections I have while walking.

It is important to me to note, that:

  • It’s not about the kilometers, but about the experience. So, it doesn’t really matter if I make it all the way there by foot or if I have to take some other forms of transportation in between or in the end;
  • It is supposed to be vacation, so I still want to enjoy the days and not just work out;
  • I will try to limit my communication with others to a minimum and see what comes up when I talk to myself for several days in a row.
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