Children’s logic

A few days ago, I was on my way through Augsburg and wanted to get on the tramway with my crutches. The three seats just across from the door were taken by three boys aged between 10 and 12.

I asked them, if one could get up and give me his seat. Two didn’t even hear me at all, the other one smiled at me but didn’t get up.
Instead, he scootched over and asked with a bright smile if that space would do it. As I’m not the most voluminous person, I could easily fit in there.
When I sat down, one of the other boys, next to whom I was now sitting as well, looked over, smiled at me and said: „Hallo!“.

It’s so funny how easy a solution kids can come up with. Why does anyone of us have to stand, if we can all sit, if we just move a little closer together. Even some other people on the tram smiled about this reaction of the boys.

Why can’t we stay kids forever?

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