Mai 29 2014

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Planting activity at Wanda Beach

Planting at Wanda Beach

In order to do a social project, we were about 15 Rotaractors to go to Wanda Beach south of Sydney to help a planting project. Local volunteers are working to replant a huge stretch of the coast in a project which is estimated to take until 2020. The goal is to stabilize the beach and to help preserve the landscape.

We then took gloves, shovels, spades and the plants and set about on the dunes. It was much easier opening the ground for the plants and putting in the little plants than it had been planting trees in Germany. Isn’t it great that we got to do a social activity which is in line with our Bundessozialaktion (

Rotary has made a short film about the planting acivity and I’m happy to see that my words fit to the occasion:

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